Our Story

The communications industry drastically changed around 2007 when social media entered the arena. Strategic marketing and public relations plans were on the presuppose of a paradigm shift.

The “old way” of doing things seemed to be irrelevant in this new arena. Tales of exorbitant public relations consulting fees and blasting media releases to a mass distribution list became ineffective and unsustainable. The phrase “be your own media outlet” was used repetitively in almost every news article related to marketing. A new way of doing business was inevitable.

Conceptual Communications answered the call of duty in 2010. Laurie Menekou Ernest-Jones, the  founder and president of Conceptual Communications, launched the firm to suit the current day needs of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. That included moving away from the traditional “account representative” model that many firms still operate under and building a team of professionals skilled in each specific service area. She recognized that organizations, both large and small, appreciate a no-nonsense approach that is cost-effective and efficient.

Today, Conceptual Communications offers clients a fee-for-service model that allows them to set and maintain realistic marketing budgets and measure real results on a monthly basis. Conceptual Communications is based in Downtown Fort Lauderdale and works with clients in various industries such as transportation, hospitality and commercial real estate.


Conceptual Communications


How are we DIFFERENT?
1. Our team of content matter experts work tirelessly on your behalf because they view your success as their success.
2. We take a data-driven approach. We measure EVERYTHING so that we can take a smarter, more strategic approach in all that we do to help you reach new heights.
3. Transparency is the name of the game. We openly communicate with you every step of the way.