That’s right, we publish our pricing! Being 100% transparent with you is one of our top priorities. We know how frustrating it can be to hunt for pricing from a service provider, and we want to eliminate those frustrations for you.


You guessed it – there is no one size fits all. Our flexible pricing structure allows our clients to determine what works best for them. Some clients opt for an hourly pricing structure and others opt for a pre-packaged monthly retainer. We also offer consulting services for our clients who just need a bit of brainpower to get their teams rockin’ and rollin! Contact us today to set up a free 30 min consultation to determine what option will meet your needs.


Regardless of the pricing structure you select, Conceptual Communications offers a fee-for-service model. Whether you choose the hourly pricing option or the pre-packaged monthly retainer option, all staff time is accounted for on detailed monthly timesheets that are provided with your invoice. Our clients enjoy this fee-for-service model because it’s transparent, it builds trust. It eliminates the age old question of “what did my consultant do this month?”


Contracted Services Rate


$175 per hour

Content Strategist

$95 per hour

Crisis Management

$225 per hour

Email Marketing

$95 per hour

Event Photography

$175 per hour

Graphic Design

$125 per hour

Public Relations

$150 per hour

Social Media

$95 per hour